The Journey Begins

A blog about anxiety…

…the thought of actually publishing this blog is causing me a significant amount of anxiety.  I have been toying with the idea of this for about a year now.  I have spent countless days researching and reading everything I can about launching blogs, ideas for how to start, where to advertise, you name it I have been reading about it.  I have joined numerous groups, silently sitting back and reading posts and supportive answers.  All of this both eases and adds to my anxiety about launching this blog.


My biggest source of anxiety???

Anxiety:  Who do I think I am writing a blog?  What makes me think anything I have to write about is of value to other people that they would want to read about it?

Me:  Your 16 years in your career and thousands of conversations with others about the same exact thing.  Every day you find yourself stating the same truths, the same coping strategies, the same support to various different people from various different ages and backgrounds.

Anxiety:  Yes, so what is so special about what I am saying that makes me any different than others who have written about it?

Me:  You have heart!  Since you were a teenager it has been inside you to help with the human condition.  That’s what got you into this work in the first place.  Through your years of experience, you have worked at treating others as human not as mentally ill, you’ve tried to help people see they are human and tend toward an anxious personality rather that treating anxiety as a condition. As a therapist you do use the DSM (diagnostic statistic manual), you do recognize anxiety can be biological and may need to be treated with medication.  You also and more importantly help individuals learn how who they are as a human being, how they relate to the world and how others respond to that has shaped their symptoms and led to their increased anxiety.  You help them to recognize and accept who they are, so they can better learn to manage their symptoms.  You educate people on the mental health conditions and you let people know that the people you come across in your line of work are some of the strongest and healthiest people because they are confronting something about themselves that is difficult and they understand they need to grow.

That is what sets you apart from the rest.

This blog is a work in progress and I am just as anxious as anyone starting something new as I launch this. I’m just as scared of negative feedback and trolls as the rest, which is why I tend to scroll through and not interact on the internet.  I just want to help others experiencing this human condition we all have and maybe attract some clients who want to learn how to better manage this human condition we all experience together.  This blog idea keeps weighing on my heart, so I must be meant to act on it.  That feeling needs to outweigh the anxiety I have about launching it.  As Gabby Bernstein teaches, I must choose Love over Fear.  I must utilize the skills I have taught so many others to use over the years and not allow anxiety to take over and get in the way of this blog.  I have a story to tell and it starts here.

Thanks for joining me!


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